If you truly, madly, deeply want to know who I am, sit down with your morning coffee and a few of my scribbled musings. Not even the most extraordinarily versed “About” blurb could compare to the uncensored truth exposed in my haphazard journal entries, soulful storytelling, and spontaneous recipe rendezvous.

Still here? Hi there, I’m Lo. A Denver-based wanderer with a knack for starting over. I’m also a women’s empowerment coach, passionate writer, and recovering foodie with the most heart-centered inclinations. More than anything else, though, I’m just one more human discovering what this world has to offer when we pause long enough to be.


Putting one foot in front of the other until THE stumble turns into a dance.

After several low seasons, a brief media hiatus, and a transformative reawakening, I’ve jumped back into (mindful) action with the purest intentions: to cultivate a safe space for the most unfiltered authenticity as you and I and we continue to delve deeper into our wildest truth. Scroll through my revealing first post to learn more about what twists and turns led to this flowering new mission.

And new friend, now that you’re here, please stay a while.

You’ll be invited to follow along as I attempt to make sense in a nonsensical world, raise consciousness through radical vulnerability, and leave hearts a bit more loved than how I found them.


We are one. Grown in love.